Dog fatally beaten, stabbed and found in garbage can in Hercules

Fia Loa, from Sacramento, shared videos of playing with her dog Gemini, who she said had raised him since he was a puppy. 

Thursday, the 3-year-old American Pit Bull terrier was found dead. Pictures show the dog apparently stabbed and beaten, and put in a garbage bin at an apartment building in Hercules.

"He was a good dog and did not deserve this at all," said Loa.  

This happened at the Exchange Hercules Bayfront Apartments. 

"He was punctured twice in his torso area with what seemed to be a kitchen knife," said Loa. "He was bruised badly on his bottom areas. He was beaten really badly."

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Loa said Gemini had been in the care of her friend for the past few months. She said a door was left open, and the dog got out. Loa arrived that same day to put up flyers, but then the property manager alerted her a dog was found dead in a bin in the garbage room. 

"I was so hurt. All I could think about was how he felt when it was all happening. That I wasn’t there to be with him or be there to protect him," said Loa. 

She wants to know who would do this and why. 

Loa filed a police report and has been speaking with neighbors, trying to get the word out and track down security footage. Most of all, she wants justice for Gemini. 

"My dog was really sweet. A lot of people have this stigma about pit bulls, but he was the sweetest dog ever," said Loa.