Dreamforce 2023 wraps up in San Francisco

The three-day Dreamforce conference is over, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is weighing in on the conference and how San Francisco stepped up.

Dreamforce 2023 is now in the record books, but San Francisco's streets are still packed full of more than 40,000 conventioneers.

Before the three-day convention got underway, Benioff said that he wanted the city to step up and make sure that visitors had a trouble-free stay. So far, he says the city has lived up to that goal. 

"This has been three amazing days of Dreamforce," said Benioff. "Everything is clean. You go down Howard Street, and it's like they just poured the cement. Everything is safe, it's a beautiful day. This is what we want San Francisco to be like every day, not just Dreamforce. This is an example that our city knows how to do it. When we want to do it, we can do it. Just need to focus on it, and do it every day."

While Benioff didn't say whether Dreamforce would return in 2024 he did say that San Francisco looked great. 

"We've had a couple of decades of Dreamforce and this is by far the biggest, most exciting Dreamforce ever, and I can't believe it," said Benioff. "[San Francisco's] the cleanest I've ever seen it. Everybody's having an amazing time."

Visitors are also weighing in. 


Mayor Breed optimistic Dreamforce will remain committed to San Francisco

The Dreamforce convention is underway. Salesforce's annual event is a huge draw that regularly brings in tens of thousands to the city. This year is no different.

On Tuesday we spoke with Irving Toledo from Orlando, Florida to get his first impressions of the city. 

"People is really great," said Toledo on Tuesday. "So far, so good. Great impression for me. This is my first time in San Francisco too."

We wanted to circle back and see if that good initial impression lasted after three days in the city and how he felt after actually experiencing San Francisco. 

"Oh, the same way," said Toledo on Thursday.

When it comes to the major issue of personal safety our visitor said it's been a non-issue.

"From my point of view, I feel safe," said Toledo. "I was actually walking last night from bar, to bar, to bar, and I was walking. No issues. No feeling of being afraid or anything."

With the convention over, thoughts naturally turn to next year, and whether we will see Dreamforce return in 2024. 

Benioff didn't say anything specific on that, so we're still in a holding pattern, but he did say that San Francisco never looked better.