Drop-in vaccination site opens for hard hit San Francisco areas

Hundreds of San Francisco residents received their first dose of a vaccine without an appointment. It's an effort to get more people vaccinated in some of the city's most vulnerable areas. 

Ideally, residents could walk in and out of the Southest Health Center in San Francisco with a vaccine and no appointment. However, the center is drawing crowds. Currently, it's offering vaccine to all 1b tier residents that live in area codes 94124 or 94134. That corresponds to the Bayview Hunter's Point area.

"They brought me a chair actually," said Linda Frazier, who was first in line Sunday morning.

She's one of 400 who will receive a vaccine.

"I thought I could just come get it so that I won't be so worried to catch it, catch the virus," Frazier said.

Waiting in line has proven to be challenging for some.

"I did come yesterday and they were out," said Darryl McKinnon of San Francisco. "I made sure to come here bright and early."

The Bayview Hunter's Point district is one of the hardest hit communities in the city. According to the latest city data, the area averages about 65 new cases for every 10,000 tests. That's nearly double the city average, which is about 34 new cases.

That's why directors with the San Francisco Health Network say drop in clinics for zip code specific residents is necessary.

"We know the more people that get vaccinated, help prevent COVID," said Anna Robert, the director of Primary Care for the SF Health Network. "We need to focus on the communities that have the highest case rates to hope to temper that to prevent infection and prevent hospitalizations."

The center is open seven days a week. They administer vaccines from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.