Dublin establishes fireworks safety zone for holiday

DUBLIN, Calif. (KTVU) -- The city of Dublin has designated four places in town where it is legal to set off fireworks on the July 4th holiday. But the only catch is they have to be what the city considers as "safe and sane" fireworks.

The city is taking a different approach from the fireworks extravaganzas in San Francisco and other big cities.

But after setting off a few sparklers, that didn't seem to matter to one young boy.

"It was awesome (and) I loved it," said Zenon Andrews, 8. "Especially the sparklers and all of them. It was awesome. Super-awesome."

He and his father drove from Livermore, where all fireworks are illegal. In Dublin, so-called safe and sane fireworks are not only legal to buy, but legal to set off in city-approved spots.

"I took the opportunity to bring him with me and show him what fireworks do and how to be safe with them," said Zenon's dad, Bill Andrews.

He said his son couldn't wait for this moment.

"Zenon was thinking about this all night (and) all morning," Andrews said. "So he finally got to do it and he was all excited. I think that was the main takeaway for me."

Dublin is one of only 12 bay area towns that allow do-it-yourselfers to fire up fireworks in specific areas. One man brought his twin boys from Foster City.

"It's a wonderful idea," said Sean Kiley. "I know safety is a high priority for cities now (with) fire danger through the 4th of July season."

While some families were setting off fireworks, others were buying them from road-side stands. One stand operator hopes to raise $40,000 from fireworks sales with the proceeds earmarked for the Dublin High School athletic program.

But some Dublin residents worry about illegal fireworks especially those living below the dry hillside.

"If someone sets off firecrackers on the hill it could start a fire," said Lary Lazo. "That's the only thing I'm concerned about (because) we've had fires close by."

The Alameda County Fire Department said will have extra patrols out Tuesday night.

By KTVU reporter Rob Roth.