East Bay firefighters deal with downed power lines, small spot fires

Firefighters in the East Bay have been busy overnight keeping a close eye on the dangerous weather conditions, mostly cleaning up downed power lines and putting out spot fires. 

Just before 1 a.m. Monday, Alameda County firefighters sprang to action to contain a brush fire that broke out in Castro Valley, off westbound Interstate 580 at Eden Canyon Road.

Firefighters quickly contained the blaze, using bulldozers and other equipment. Firefighters don't know yet how it started.

But it's the kind of activity that prompted city leaders in the East Bay hills on Sunday to encourage people to leave their homes before the winds began.

That's what Berkeley city officials told people living in the windy hills to do this weekend. 

Some homeowners, like Sharon Singer, had their go-bags ready.

"If the winds come up and there's more of an issue, we'll probably leave," she said. 

Mayor Jesse Arreguin said the city wouldn't have taken this step if they didn't think there was a real risk to the community. 

In the Oakland hills, the fire department says it has added additional staffing, stepped up patrols, and taken other measures.

They brought in items to block off some of the turn-outs and parking areas along Grizzly Peak Boulevard to prevent drivers from stopping there.

East Bay Regional Parks are also closed Monday to minimize the risks of people getting hurt from falling branches or accidentally starting fires.