California wildfires and drought: Where are we?

 November is historically one of California's worst months for deadly, wind driven mega wildfires. This year, there has been far less large runaway wildfires statewide, rainy conditions are to thank.

California to again protect insurance policies in fire areas

California temporarily banned insurance companies Thursday from dropping customers in areas affected by recent wildfires, a day after evacuation orders were lifted for residents near a two-week-old blaze that’s become the largest in the state so far this year.

Mosquito Fire forces more than 11K to flee homes

A video from the El Dorado County Sheriff's office shows a deputy rushing to rescue an elderly couple who were trapped in the Mosquito fire. Over 11,000 people have been forced to evacuate in the Sierra foothills due to the wildfire that exploded in size over the weekend.

California faces wildfires, heat and likely rain, flooding

Forces were beginning to collide in California on Thursday as wildfires threatened communities, an epic heat wave stressed the electrical grid and as moisture from a hurricane was expected to bring thunderstorms and floods along with cooling.