Regulators waive $200M fine on PG&E for causing deadly fires

The waiver approved in a unanimous vote by California’s Public Utilities Commission will deprive the state coffers of money to help offset losses income and sales taxes as the coronavirus pandemic pushes the state into a $54 billion budget deficit.

PG&E says it has settled one battle involving wildfire fund

Pacific Gas & Electric told a federal bankruptcy judge Tuesday that it has settled a dispute with disaster-relief agencies that threatened to siphon money away from a $13.5 billion fund earmarked for victims of catastrophic wildfires in California caused by the nation’s largest utility.

East county fire officials working to solve funding shortfalls

Helmick and other district officials have been out there for months, talking about how their district is funded, and how that funding is lacking in an area that, over the past 25 years, has gone from almost entirely rural to increasingly urban.