East Bay students push for solar schools in Alameda

The Net-metering Program is essential for the district to pursue those funds or other financing, according to Ryan.

"Someone could easily jump in tomorrow and take that net-metering capacity and there would be nothing left for the schools," Ryan told KTVU.

One school board member Gary Lym attended the meeting. He supports solar energy, but says the school district has $600 million in deferred maintenance and other needs. He says the recently passed Measure I only covers $180 million.

"The obstacle that we all face is that again, because of limited funding, we have to meet our critical needs such as the roofing, the paving first," Lym told KTVU.

The Alameda Municipal Power board did not vote at Monday's meeting, but parents say they were encouraged that the board members expressed interest in expanding solar capacity to accommodate the schools. The board asked for the school district to present some proposals.

The Alameda School District Board is set to meet on March 24th and students say they plan to speak out at the meeting.