Eight minors arrested after Novato middle school brawl

Eight students were arrested on Tuesday after an assault at a Novato middle school last week, according to the Novato Police Department. 

The initial investigation showed that a group of students planned to assault another student after lunch on Friday at Sinaloa Middle School, police said. As that group attacked the student, more students gathered around to encourage it—some even pulled out cell phones to record it, according to police. 

Video of the fight shared with KTVU shows a group of students attacking a girl in sweatpants as she covers her face on the ground, trying to keep herself safe from the blows. 

Another student attempted to step in and stop the fight, but police say that student was also assaulted by the group. Both of the victims suffered moderate injuries and were taken to a local hospital to be checked out. 

The Novato Unified School District worked with Sinaloa Middle School staff and assisted law enforcement in identifying who was involved. Eight students were arrested on Tuesday, their ages range from 12 to 14 years old. They were booked into Marin County Juvenile Hall for conspiracy and felony assault charges. 

Sinaloa Middle School held a meeting for parents on Tuesday to address the violence on campus. Parents told KTVU outside the meeting that some days their children are afraid to go to school.