Eight Morgan Hill juveniles arrested, middle school carnival canceled following clash with police

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A family-themed afternoon at a Britton Middle School carnival in Morgan Hill turned violent Friday when several juveniles clashed with police, resulting in several arrests and the cancellation of the carnival.

In all, eight juveniles were arrested in connection with crimes including possession of a knife on school grounds, assault on an officer, felonious threats on officers, inciting a riot, resisting, delaying and obstructing a police officer, police said.

Officers with the Morgan Hill Police Department were assigned to the Home and School Club Carnival at Britton Middle School when they were notified at 5:48 p.m. by school staff a male juvenile had a knife that had been given to him by another juvenile.

The juvenile with the knife was located waiting in line for a carnival ride and was taken into custody without incident.

School officials told police the identity of the juvenile who reportedly gave the knife to the other juvenile and notified police the juvenile had caused a disturbance on campus earlier in the day and had previously been asked to leave.

When officers located the second juvenile and tried to contact him, he responded aggressively, took a fighting stance and threatened the officers, police said.

Additional officers responded to the scene, and the juvenile was taken into custody, but as he was being arrested, other juveniles attacked and assaulted the officers, police said.

Some of the officers suffered minor injuries in the incident.

A crowd of more than 200 individuals formed, and several people confronted police and refused to disperse.

Several other law enforcement agencies responded to the scene to help gain control of the situation.

During the incident, several people, including some of the juveniles who were arrested, displayed gang sings, shouted gang slogans and were wearing gang clothing, police said.

In all, 59 law enforcement officers responded to the incident.

Following the incident, the Morgan Hill Unified School District agreed to shutdown the carnival Friday night and cancel the remaining days of the event.