Election Day: A rundown of the local proposals

From a ban on flavored tobacco to recalling a controversial judge, there are dozens of local measures on the June 5 ballot.  Here’s a rundown of some of the most talked-about initiatives in the Bay Area:
Recall of Judge Aaron Persky
Voters in Santa Clara County are considering whether to recall Superior Court judge Aaron Persky. Persky’s short sentence for former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, sparked world-wide outrage.  If the recall is successful, Persky would be only the fourth judge in California history to be voted out before his term expires. The ballot also includes a choice between two candidates, one of whom would replace Persky if he is recalled.
San Francisco: Proposition E
San Francisco voters are being asked to affirm or reject a ban on flavored tobacco products passed by the board of supervisors last year. Prop E would outlaw the sale of menthol cigarettes, candy-flavored chewing tobacco, flavored vaping liquid and other such products.  The stated goal of the measure is to prevent the marketing of flavored tobacco products to children. Tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds has poured $12 million dollars into the “No on E” campaign.

San Francisco: Proposition F

Tenants in San Francisco facing eviction could end up with free legal help if voters approve Proposition F. The measure would provide free legal representation to the hundreds of tenants who receive eviction notices in the city each year.  The estimated cost to taxpayers is $5 million annually. 

San Rafael: Measure G

Voters in San Rafael are considering whether to impose a tax of up to 8% on medical marijuana businesses.  Measure G would generate about $1 million annually for police and fire and other city services.

Emeryville: Affordable Housing

In Emeryville, voters are being asked to approve $50 million in bonds to provide affordable housing and to prevent homelessness. The measure aims to prevent the displacement of people in low-income households and to provide support services to people currently living on the streets.

Foster City: Measure P

The threat of floods from climate change is what’s behind Measure P in Foster City. Voters are being asked to approve $90 million in bonds to vastly improve a levee system.  Foster City wants to avoid being declared a special flood hazard by the federal government which would require homeowners to carry flood insurance.