Eligible Santa Mateo County residents can receive up to $4K to purchase electric vehicles

Peninsula Clean Energy, San Mateo County's official electricity provider, announced Tuesday it is expanding its used electric vehicle rebate program.

Eligible county residents could receive up to $4,000 in rebates to purchase a used electric vehicle.

The amount of the rebate depends on a resident's income level and whether the vehicle is a hybrid or fully electric.

All county residents could receive rebates starting at $700 for a plug-in hybrid and up to $1,000 for a fully electric vehicle.

Income-qualified residents, such as those participating in CalFresh, Clipper START or other assistance programs, can receive rebates of up to $3,700 for plug-in hybrids or $4,000 for fully electric vehicles.

The rebate only applies to used electric vehicles, which must be eight years old or newer and which cost no more than $25,000 before the rebates.

Income-qualified residents in San Mateo County can combine Peninsula Clean Energy rebates with other regional and state programs.

The used electric vehicle rebate program is a partnership with GRID Alternatives Bay Area, a nonprofit that provides clean energy programs.

To be eligible for a rebate, residents must pre-apply online before purchasing a used electric vehicle. The pre-application is available here.

Once the application is approved, qualifying residents can purchase vehicles at a participating local car dealership. A list of participating dealerships is available online.

Redwood City resident Victor Bianco, who purchased a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in 2020, recommended the program as he said it was simple to apply to, saves money and is environmentally friendly.

"Had it not been for this program, I would have never even considered buying an electric vehicle, due to it being financially out of my reach," Bianco said in a statement.

More information on the program is available online here.