End of an era: Last day to use paper tickets on BART

Today marks the end of an era in the Bay Area: It's the last day to use paper tickets to ride BART.

The move comes as BART gears up to start introducing new fare gates, which will no longer have paper ticket readers. 

BART is also phasing out all of its old trains, replacing them with trains from their Fleet of the Future.

When it comes to payment, "tap and go" is the way of the future.

Riders will have to use a Clipper card to pay their fares for now.

But starting in 2024, when some of those new fare gates are installed, people will also be able to tap a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay.

 If you have a paper ticket worth more than one dollar, you are able to request a refund. 

There is no deadline for requesting a refund.

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