Escaped psychiatric hospital patient fled Maui may be in San Jose

This undated photo provided by the Maui Police Department shows Randall Toshio Saito. Hawaii authorities are searching for Saito, who was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity, after he escaped from Hawaii State Hospital in Honolulu on Sun

Maui police say a Hawaii man once accused of murder who escaped from the state's psychiatric hospital has caught a flight off Maui.

Sources told Hawaii News Now, that Randall Saito walked away from the State Hospital in Kaneohe on Sunday morning, got into a waiting cab and boarded the charter plane to Maui. They say he was able to board another plane, a Hawaiian Airlines flight to San Jose, Calif. That flight landed about 7:30 p.m. Sunday.
he Maui Police Department on Tuesday didn't say where Randall Saito went. Saito was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity for the 1979 killing of a woman at a shopping mall.

According to Hawaii News Now, Saito's victim was selected at random, authorities said at the time, shot in the face with a pellet gun and then fatally stabbed. After the murder, Saito was reportedly diagnosed with sexual sadism and necrophilia, or sexual attraction to corpses. 

Saito has been committed to the Hawaii State Hospital since 1981. 
Honolulu police say Saito left the Hawaii State Hospital outside Honolulu at 9 a.m. Sunday and failed to return. Maui police say he flew to Maui shortly afterward.  

Defense attorneys sought to have Saito released in 2000. But Jeff Albert, a deputy city prosecutor, objected, saying Saito "fills all the criteria of a classic serial killer."

Saito is described as 59 years old, 6’ tall, heavy set with black hair and brown eyes. (Saito's hair is cut shorter than in his picture)