Excessive heat causes BART delays, rider headaches

BART service resumed at 6 a.m. Wednesday on both tracks between Pleasant Hill and Concord, though riders should expect 10 minute delays throughout the morning. Trains could also be slower in the afternoon as temperatures heat up, officials said. 

That's better news than what riders were faced with Tuesday evening.

Service was halted at about 5:30 p.m. as heat-related equipment problems caused headaches for BART. 

A BART spokesman said the heat caused a minor deviation in a small section of track between the two stations. The hot weather disrupted service throughout the day.

BART said it slowed trains and conducted more track inspections as a precaution.

The spokesman said the conditions also overheated equipment and that the problem is in the same area as the partial train derailment back in June, also caused by heat.

"I want to say this is the worst heat wave I've experienced here," passenger Jacob Thompson said. "I can't remember going outside for 20 seconds and dripping sweat."

A bus bridge was established to get commuters home. 

"I'm a bit relieved. But I'm not happy because I'm getting home about an hour and a half late," said passenger Marie King.

"Because it happened before, instead of getting mad, I'm like okay, here it is again," said King.

At the Concord BART station, passengers poured out of buses to get back on trains. 

BART trains will slow again if temperatures reach 100 degrees. 

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