Excessive heat watch has Cal Fire hopping with triple-digit temps

As the Bay Area braces for hot weather on Tuesday, Cal Fire says it's preparing for a potentially busy week. 

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch for Tuesday, with parts of the North, East, and South Bay expected to see triple digit temperatures.  

"Anytime we have those temperatures that go in the upper 90s, to 100, 110 degrees, you know, we want to make sure we’re keeping a close eye on that," said Cal Fire captain, Chris Bruno. "With those higher temperatures, and that low relative humidity, those are factors that absolutely would be drying out our vegetation."

Areas of higher elevation in Sonoma County, like Santa Rosa, are also included in the watch.

"We are seeing the rise in temperatures this week, and that’s obviously a concern of ours," said Paul Lowenthal, Santa Rosa fire marshall.

So far this fire season, Lowenthal says his crews have benefited from coastal influences and weather patterns that have contained higher humidity than years past.

"This season has been relatively mild. We’ve definitely benefited from the June gloom, the no sky July," he said. 

But in other parts of the Bay Area, and across California, Cal Fire says it's been a busy season.

"It’s been very active for us, however with the resources that we have, and the aggressive approach that we have, aggressive fire techniques have been very helpful." said Bruno.

Sunday morning, firefighters in Vacaville battled a small vegetation fire on the outskirts of the city, along Joslin Lane. Around eight acres of dry hillside were burned.

Cal Fire says a boost in their budget by Gov. Gavin Newsom has been helping crews stay on top of fires like these, and has them prepared them for whatever Tuesday throws their way.

"Our units are in communication with the neighboring units to make sure that all staffing levels are where they need to be, so if there’s any fire activity, operations is going to shift our resources to cover that need, and fill behind," said Brown.

Cal Fire is also asking for the public's help to prevent wildfires. 

If you are planning to tow anything this weekend, Brown says to make sure you’re not dragging a chain that could set off a spark. 

If you are planning to mow your lawn, Brown says you should do it before 10 A.M, when temperatures are cooler.