Failed Santa Rosa dispensary robbery leads to arrest of Oakland man

Santa Rosa police arrested a man from Oakland on Saturday for allegedly robbing a marijuana dispensary and ramming the car of an employee who tried stopping him.   

Authorities are looking for another suspect who may have been involved. 

Officers were dispatched at 7:30 a.m. to a suspected robbery on the 2300 block of Circadian Way.  

An employee called an off-duty employee and said men with masks were robbing their marijuana dispensary.

By the time police arrived, two men described as white males in their mid-40s left in a silver Honda Accord. 

The men allegedly wore ski masks and rolled up the unlocked door to an empty delivery truck parked near a loading dock.     

Unbeknownst to the suspects, an employee blocked their Honda Accord in with his own vehicle, which the suspects rammed twice trying to escape. 

The employee was still in his car and videotaped the encounter on his phone.

Police located the Honda's owner through the license plate, who police said in a statement was 54-year-old transient Jack Cole from Oakland, with whom police were familiar and found in an RV he owns near Petaluma Hill Rd and Pressley Street.        

Officers detained Cole based on his probation status and his suspected relation to the failed burglary. 

Officers are still searching for the person they believe was with Cole, who was arrested in suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and was booked at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.