Fairfield man arrested for hate crime vandalism

Brendan Moore, Fairfield

The Solano County Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of a man suspected of hate crime vandalism at a business Wednesday. 

Authorities arrested Fairfield resident Brendan Moore for an act of hate crime vandalism that occurred back in August at Thompson's Corner Saloon on Cordelia Road.

Moore is accused of spray-painting red swastikas and racial slurs on the business's exterior walls on Aug. 8. 

The initial investigation stalled after investigators couldn't identify the suspect in the surveillance images, despite releasing them to the public. It wasn't until a tip saying several racial slurs posted on social media specifically aimed at Thompson's Corner Saloon did the investigation gain some momentum.

When they accessed the social media account, they found "offensive posts" that matched the physical description of the suspect depicted in the images. 

Moore also resided near the business as well, officials said. 

Brendan Moore, Fairfield

When a search warrant was executed at his apartment Wednesday, authorities found "substantial evidence" that directly linked him to the crime. Officials said during an interview the 26-year-old admitted to the vandalism with hate speech.

Moore is in custody with charges pending, relating to vandalism and hate crimes. 

"I would like to thank our community for their assistance and our Investigators for their continued perseverance during this lengthy investigation. The Solano Sheriff’s Office will always work diligently to solve crimes motivated by racial prejudice or racial bias," said Sheriff Thomas Ferrara.