Fairfield police finish flower deliveries on Mother's Day after driver arrested for DUI

When describing a police officer's job, delivering flowers on Mother's Day probably wouldn't be on the list. Except maybe in Fairfield.

Fairfield police went above and beyond the call of duty to save Mother's Day.

At around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to a collision on North Texas Street and found a suspected drunk driver who had been making his rounds, dropping off flower arrangements.

Officers noticed he had about 10 bouquets in his car that still needed to be delivered, so they quickly sprang into action.

"Pretty unusual. I haven't done that before," said Officer Chance Leong. He, Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen, and Officer James Lewis all responded to the minor fender bender.

A police spokesman told KTVU, responding officers found the invoice with the addresses for the flowers and delivered them to all the moms.

The alleged drunk delivery driver was arrested.

"Unfortunately, the person who was at fault probably had too much to drink and was suspected of driving under the influence. The officer did a field sobriety test and found he was intoxicated and shouldn't have been driving and had to be arrested," said Jacobsen.

Inside the driver's SUV were about eight mothers day flower bouquets. Some with chocolates, all with addresses for delivery. The officers wondered now what?

"Kind of a joking thing of well what are we going to do with these things? Deliver them? And it was yeah, we are going to deliver them," said Jacobsen.

"I decided Mother's Day shouldn't be ruined just because of this guy's decision-making," said Leong.

Leong and Officer Lewis decided to split up the orders. In-between police calls, they went to each house and delivered the flowers in person and in uniform.

"I'd introduce myself and say unfortunately the delivery driver was arrested so we are taking it upon ourselves to deliver it to you," said Leong. "Most of them seemed a little surprised, a little confused as to why I was knocking on the door. They weren't expecting us by any means."

Since the word went out people have been praising the officers on social media. Perhaps a rarity for police these days.

"Sometimes we have to go someone's house or businesses at their darkest time when they've had some turmoil. And we've had to deal with it. But this shows who the officers really are," said Jacobsen.

"It feels good. Anybody in the same situation probably would have done the same thing. And I think a little action like this goes a long way for some people," said Leong.

Especially for those moms.