Family desperate in search for San Lorenzo man missing 19 days

The family of a missing 19-year-old man from San Lorenzo is asking for help.

They say he's been missing for almost three weeks and fear that he may be hurt or was taken against his will.

Ling and David Lacktawen say their son Jann Derrick doesn't drive, so he relies on public transit or his parents to drive him places.

They say the last activity on his Clipper Card indicates he was at the Montgomery Street BART station in San Francisco.

"The main thing is to find him, find some sign of where he is so we can help him," says Ling, his mother.

The Lactawens say their son left their home in San Lorenzo around 2 p.m. on October 22. They say they haven't heard from him since.

The couple says Jann Derrick had been playing with his 13-year-old sister when he told his parents he wanted to, in his words go "chill." 

They say he walked to the Bay Fair BART station and went to San Francisco, a place he likes to visit.

His parents say he likes to shop and eat in the city, " Walk. Go to the waterfront. Skateboarding." 

The couple says their son's Clipper Card shows that he exited the Montgomery Street BART Station shortly after 3 p.m.

There's no activity on the card after that. There is also no activity on his bank cards.

Mom and dad say there's no activity on his cell phone starting from three days prior to his disappearance.

They say he's never gone overnight without contacting his family.

"19 days is a long time. We want a positive outcome for the family," says David Lactawen, the father, "If somebody is trying to help him and keep him, please reach out to us." 

Family and friends have posted flyers in their search for Jann Derrick near his home and in various neighborhoods in San Francisco.

His mother said he didn't take any clothes and that he'd at least take a jacket if he was going away. 

The Lactawens say their son is quiet and shy, that he felt the pressures of being on the threshold of adulthood and coping with the stress of college.

He graduated from Arroyo High last year and attends Chabot Community College.
He works part-time as a security guard at a hospital. 
"Jann, please come home if you're listening to me. Please come home son. We love you. We'll face this. If you are taken or something, we will find you son," says Ling.
A spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff's Department is treating this as an at risk missing person's case.

It has posted information about Jann Derrick's disappearance on its Facebook page.

His parents say Alameda County Sheriff's investigators are pulling surveillance video from the  BART station.

The family has hired a private investigator, but they say so far, no leads.