Family, friends in Sacramento remember Tyre Nichols at skate park

Keyana Dixon, Tyre Nichols sister, speaks at a Sacramento vigil for her slain brother. Jan. 30, 2023 

People who knew Tyre Nichols gathered at a skate park in Sacramento on Monday night to remember their friend, who was beaten to death by Memphis police.

Nichols lived in Sacramento until 2020 and skated at that park.

Hundreds of skaters, friends, and community members held a memorial at sunset, focusing on the special moments they shared with Nichols over the years.

"We chose this skate park because this is where everyone knew Tyre from," friend Angelina Paxton told KCRA. "This is where our childhood memories are from."

Tyre's sister, Keyana Dixon, and his brother, Jamal Dupree, both spoke on behalf of Nichols' family.

"I just wanted to thank all of you for the continued support of our family and just making sure his name is never forgotten," Dixon said.

Friends at the event also pushed for police reform.