Family mourns Oakland woman killed in hit-and-run

The woman who was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Oakland on Tuesday was a mother of two and now her family is left heartbroken. 

The family of Huong Thi Truong is trying to remain strong as they grapple with a tremendous loss. 

Through tears the victim's daughter, 17-year-old Michelle Nguyen said, "I thought I would have more time to give back to her."

Truong was less than a block from home when she and her 4-year-old niece were hit by a car. 

"We live not even a block, you know, it's on the same block," Nguyen said. 

Truong was walking her niece home from preschool when they were struck by a car at 22nd and Foothill. The driver never stopped and the young girl, Ellie Nguyen, was transported to a local hospital. 

"We could have forgiven if you had stopped and checked if they were ok, but you didn't. And you just kept going, and so I feel like I can't find it in myself to forgive you," the victim's daughter said. 

Truong and her husband came to the U.S. from Vietnam just a couple of months before their daughter was born. 

"She came over here in seek of a better life for our family, for me especially, and my little brother," Nguyen said. 

"We came to the United States the same time, same day, same month, same year," the woman's brother-in-law Kevin Doan said, "We go together, We live in Oakland together."

A memorial of flowers, candles, and food was placed at the crash site. A sign of respect and a reminder that Truong is loved in death as she was loved in life. 

Officer Felicia Aisthorpe said, "We encourage all of our community members to drive safely. Don't drive under the influence and please be aware of their surroundings." 

As the family mourns their loss, they also hope the driver is caught. 

"If we could just find out who did it, it would just bring us a little bit of, you know a little bit of closing," the victim's daughter said.