Family of Seven All Sleeps in One Giant Bed

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We've all heard of people letting their baby, toddler even the family dog sleep in their bed, but how many of us would be OK with five children? For one Texas couple those sleeping arrangements are a reality.

Elizabeth and Tom Boyce said they grew frustrated with the nightly bedtime struggle of getting their children, ages one to eleven, to bed. So they visited their local Ikea and pieced together a giant 'family bed' where the whole brood could sleep together. 

In the now viral instagram photo, Elizabeth has said this sleeping arrangement has been a welcome addition for the family, "I wanted to make sure each kid had a little space of their own," Boyce told ABC News. "We hung a little curtain and did little mood lighting, you know, just made it fun."

The custom built arrangement features two sets of bunk bed like structures on either side of a king sized bed, so each of the older children have their own twin sized bed. The baby, sleeps with mom and dad in the middle. The parents have also engineered a spot for nightstands and shelves for sippy cups and cell phones. 

The Boyce's stated in an interview with People Magazine they really got used to living and sleeping in such close quarters after traveling. Often times the party of seven would find themselves sharing one hotel room or camper.

“It’s just a bed. It’s a bed and we sleep there. But it’s interesting, it’s fun and my kids are having a blast with it," said Tom. “I don’t expect this to be a long term solution but it’s what works for us right now,” he says. “And everybody is getting the rest they need, so we’re going to run with it.”  

And to answer the question on everyone's mind. Elizabeth and Tom say when they need 'alone time,' they simply go to another room. Oh and if you're interested in re-creating this cool family bed the Boyce's have posted detailed instructions online. Sleep tight!