Family plans search for missing woman in Hayward

   On Sunday morning, the family of a missing San Jose woman, who police say was murdered, will be searching for her in Hayward. Stacey Aguilar was last seen alive at a party Saturday night at a home near Jackson Street and Silva Avenue. So far, Hayward Police are calling it a homicide. Her body has not been found.

   Aguilar's family said they have not lost hope. They are asking the public to help them search for the 22-year-old who has two young children.

"It's painful to see something like that," said Luisa Aguilar who is Stacey Aguilar's sister.

   Aguilar lives in San Jose and has family in Mexico. Her mother and younger sister Luisa live in Mexico and called KTVU to share their heartache. Around 1 a.m. on Sunday, Aguilar was last seen leaving a house party with her boyfriend.

   When she didn't come home, on Monday her family reported her missing to San Jose Polilce who at first classified it as a missing person's case. Late Friday, Hayward Police announced the agency was taking over the investigation as a homicide.

"All I can tell you is that we've developed some information and evidence that leads us to think she's the victim of a homicide and I can't tell you details of what the evidence is or what the information is at this point," said Sgt. Ryan Cantrell of Hayward Police.

   Aguilar's family believes otherwise.

"They are saying that but we have faith she's alive and she's somewhere right there," said Luisa Aguilar.

   Police haven't located Aguilar's body and no arrests have been made. Her family said Aguilar is a server and divorced mother of two with a 7-year-old son and five-year-old daughter. They believe she's alive, calling her a fighter.

"She's a strong woman," said Luisa Aguilar. "She's a woman that will fight for her life. We have faith she's alive."

   Family and friends will be meeting at a shopping center off Amador and Jackson near the 24 Hour Fitness in Hayward at 10 a.m. Sunday. They say they plan to search the area and nearby woods for any sign of Aguilar.