Father of the bride dies following special wedding ceremony

In a sad update a Bay Area woman who had two weddings in one day so her father could walk her down the aisle said her father has died. 

Vieneese Stanton and her fiance were planning on getting married in April of next year. But when Stanton's father was diagnosed with leukemia in February and given only months to live, the couple decided to get married sooner.

On top of that, Stanton is expecting a baby in March.

Because of her father's weak immune system, she knew he couldn't attend her wedding. That's when the nurses at UCSF Medical Center helped Stanton plan a surprise wedding at the hospital. 

Her father got to walk her down the aisle and celebrate with the newly wedded couple.

Stanton says, "Having two weddings in one day was very difficult but very worth it!"

Vieneese wrote an update after his death saying, 

"I know he’s in Heaven and I know he’s with my mother.

But I feel so hurt right now. I’ve gained an Angel but I’ve lost my Superman.

Dad I pray you are resting in perfect peace. Listen to all your funk music.

Enjoy all your classic movies. Dance like you’ve never danced and roller skate around Heaven all day like the true Star Funk you are. I love you soooo much.

I will never forget the things you have taught me. I will tell my daughter all about you.

You made me believe in the impossible, have faith in God no matter what my eyes saw, keep my word no matter what. You gave me strength and confidence I never knew I had.

Thank you for loving my mom and our family no matter how flawed we were. Thank you for every extended prayer, every hug, every meal, every laugh and every smile. Give mom the biggest kiss for me."