FBI hosts active shooter drill at Dublin middle school

 The FBI held an active shooter drill on Tuesday at a middle school in Dublin. 
 The weeklong training course, Alert Training, prepares for real life scenarios. It included law enforcement from local, state, and federal agencies all around the Bay Area and took place at Wells Middle School in Dublin. 
Patrick Siewerd, an instructor,described the drills as “Training the trainer classes.” 
Officials carried mock guns, ran through the grounds of the school, hid behind trees, and burst through doors in the hallways of the building. Particpants learned how to tend to injured victims and how to handle a hostage situation as well. 

After completion of the course, officials will begin teaching the course throughout Northern California and regions, according to Siewerd. 
The FBI also touched on the best way for citizens to survive an active shooting. Their advice is to run, hide and fight.