FCI Dublin: BOP faces trial over abuse of women at now-shuttered California prison

The federal Bureau of Prisons will go to trial next year over claims it allowed an environment where guards at a now-shuttered California prison sexually abused incarcerated women, a judge ordered Wednesday.

In the first public hearing since FCI Dublin closed last month, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers also ordered a special master she appointed in March to continue to handle the cases of some 600 women transferred out of the prison. Many of the inmates sent to other federal lockups claimed they suffered mistreatment during the transfer process.

In an order earlier this month, Gonzalez Rogers said the decision to shut the facility "created serious concerns" for the well-being of the inmates.

The judge on Wednesday scheduled a case management conference for Sept. 9 and ordered both sides to be ready for trial on June 23, 2025.


Powerless in Prison: The shutdown of FCI Dublin

In April, the Bureau of Prisons abruptly shut down the troubled FCI Dublin. KTVU explains what led up to the closure, questioning whether this was retaliation for outside oversight over the women's prison, which has been riddled with sex abuse for decades.

Attorneys for the women who blew the whistle on abuse said they have let the government know they are amenable to a settlement, and that those discussions are ongoing. But plaintiffs’ attorney Amari Montes said the bureau would have to agree to "lasting changes, including medical and mental health care," before any deal is reached.

The prisons bureau didn’t immediately respond to a request for a statement about Wednesday’s hearing. But the bureau has said repeatedly that it doesn’t comment on matters pending before the court. Officials have reiterated that its closure plan was carefully considered over months.

The bureau announced suddenly on April 15 that it would close FCI Dublin despite attempts to reform the beleaguered facility after an Associated Press investigation exposed rampant staff-on-inmate assaults. Just 10 days before the closure announcement, the judge took the unprecedented step of appointing a special master to oversee the prison near Oakland.

FCI Dublin inmates sued the prisons bureau last August alleging the agency had failed to root out sexual abuse.