Final Battle of the Bay a blowout on the field, fights break out in the stands

Nearly 70,000 fans emptied out of Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium Thursday night after the “Battle of the Bay” turned into a blowout. The 49ers defeated the Raiders 34-to-3 in the last scheduled game between the two teams before the Raiders move to Vegas. 

Levi’s Stadium was filled with fans donning silver and black and red and gold for the NFL rivalry known as “Battle of the Bay.”

“We have Bay Area love here,” said John Mendoza of Milpitas. “We are here with our family tailgating. It’s a blast. Battle of the Bay are best games ever.”

Raymond Mathis is a Niner fan who flew in all the way from Louisiana.

"We came here to see them 49ers beat the Raiders to death,” said Mathis of Louisiana.

Many fans said they were not happy this could be the final “Battle of the Bay.”

“No one is really angry but everyone is just sad,” said Juan Peralez of Fremont. “This stadium could have been shared by both teams.”

“It’s really sad growing up my whole life watching both teams battle every year, it's a sad thing to see it go,” said Rob Santos of Dublin. 

Fans enjoyed every minute while they could, sharing in the misery that both teams have losing records.

“I mean it's fun,” said Chris Scanlan of San Jose. “Two teams that are totally crappy going at it. This could be the best game of the year.”

Before the game, some Niner fans couldn't help but be anxious. The team started the team third string quarterback Nick Mullens.

“I’m very nervous,” said Santos. “You never know he could shine.”

Mullens did shine, leading the Niners to an easy victory. Inside and outside, there was heightened security. The two teams don't meet in preseason for a reason because of past fan violence. In 2011, two men were shot and another fan was beaten.

Law enforcement from local and state agencies were highly visible. One bike officer said there was three times more security than a regular game.

“I feel pretty secure,” said Ana Moreno of Watsonville. “They are walking around here. I feel safe with my kids here.”

Moreno brought her children and their friends to take part in history. Many fans said, they'll miss this comradery. They'll head to Vegas if they have to, but will miss the “Battle of the Bay.”

“We won't have this again,” said Mendoza. “that's what makes me sad I’m sure other Raider fans are sad.”

Despite the heavy police presence, fans said fights broke out in the stands including one that was shown on social media. Santa Clara Police said they made several arrests.