Final goodbye to Oakland's Lakeshore Café

Memorial Day was the last day for people to eat at the Lakeshore Café in Oakland.

The restaurant, located just north of Lake Merritt, closed on Monday after more than 20 years in business. 

The café was known for offering breakfast and lunch staples, as well as weekend brunch.

Throughout the day, customers stood in line to eat inside for the last time.

Many said the café was their go-to spot for years.

"Anytime a family member would come into town, we'd always drop by," said customer Dottie Stanley. "Everyone was so kind." 

Tiara Wright said she came by to "show my appreciation. They're always willing to help us with a smile." 

The café has said it struggled during the pandemic:

But the owners did not say whether that was a factor in their decision to close for good.

A new restaurant is supposed to be moving in its place.