Fire breaks out in the town of Canyon

A fire broke out in the Contra Costa County town of Canyon late Wednesday burning a structure to the ground and evacuating nearby residents. 

The fire was reported about 10 p.m. 

It's unclear if the structure is a home or not. Firefighters had a hard time putting out the fire because of water supply issues and narrow roads, according to Fire Marshal Jeff Isaacs. 

"We heard an explosion and a few minutes later we heard fire trucks," said neighbor Christline Lavian. "A few minutes later, we went out and we saw a house completely engulfed in flames."

Lavian added the neighbors all take care of each other in the remote and wooded area. 

"We're a pretty tight community," she said. "Our phone tree was activated right away. Most of our immediate neighbors are here, except for Dave. I’m worried about him."