Fire creates air quality concerns throughout Bay Area; advisory issued through Friday

Smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County was blowing south and quickly blanketed much of the Bay Area. It prompted the Air Quality District to issue an advisory for the entire region until Friday. Officials are advising people who are sensitive to the smoke to limit their outdoor activity until air quality improves.

As the sun set, a hazy orange glow hovered over the Bay Area. Winds carried the smoke southwest from Camp Fire some 180 miles away.

Lisa Fasano is with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and said the smoke was especially bad in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties where air quality dropped to unhealthy levels.

“This is a very large fire and the smoke plume came down very rapidly because we were having strong winds,” said Fasano. “It’s important for people to close their windows and doors, keep their air conditioning units in their cars and homes on recirculate so they aren't drawing smoky air into their home.”

At Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, some parents were concerned about their children playing outdoor sports.

“The air quality here in Fremont is bad,” said Julio Amaya of Fremont. “A couple months ago, the same thing happened with all these fires going around. It affects the kids who are playing sports.”

Amaya’s 10-year-old son Tyler is sensitive to the smoke.

“I have asthma so it's kind of hard to breathe,” said Tyler Amaya of Fremont. “Right now my throat is getting clogged up.”

“For me, it just felt thick,” said Daniel Gonzalez of Hayward. “It gave me a headache for half the day at least.”

Coaches kept running to a minimum and are considering indoor practices. Other people are planning to limit their time outdoors.

“Hopefully, the air quality isn't bad for too long because it's fun out here,” said Raj Khera of Fremont. “We want to keep having fun. We want to be outside. We want to be active.”

Santa Rosa Junior College cancelled classes and activities Thursday night and Friday because of the poor air quality.