Firefighters extinguish arson fire at Serramonte Target store Thursday afternoon; 'major loss'

Firefighters extinguished an arson fire at the Target store at Daly City's Serramonte Center Thursday afternoon.   

No one was injured.   

North County Fire Authority firefighters responded at 2:46 p.m. to the fire at the Target store, at 133 Serramonte Center, and first noticed smoke coming from the interior of the store. They made an aggressive fire attack confining the blaze to the area of origin.   


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Fire personnel remained on scene for two hours following the fire to check for fire extension at the location, the employees and shoppers self-evacuated.   

The incident is classified as an arson fire. The incident caused a "major loss" of the store's floor stock throughout the building.   

The fire remains under investigation by the North County Fire Authority in conjunction with the Daly City Police Department, who are looking for suspects.