Flooded San Francisco luxury apartments may not be livable until 2023

The luxury apartment building in San Francisco that flooded in June may not be habitable until 2023. 

A broken water pipe on the 35th flood of the 33-Tehama apartment complex forced hundreds of residents to move out on June 3. The water pipe poured out 20,000 gallons of water, damaging 95 units and common areas, as well as the elevator system, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

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Many residents have been living in hotels since the displacement, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The company that owns the building has been paying tenants $300 a day to help cover temporary housing costs, but those payments will stop next month. 

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Dorsey called the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development to speed up the process of helping the 60 lowest income tenants to find housing, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote.