Foggy weather delays dozens of flights at Bay Area airports

Dense fog covered much of the Bay Area on the morning of December 4, 2023, causing dozens of flight delays in San Francisco and Oakland. (KTVU FOX 2)

Dozens of flights have been delayed and a handful were canceled at San Francisco and Oakland's airports on Monday due to the foggy weather.

Travelers on 48 flights at SFO experienced delays, airport officials said. There were also two that got canceled, the airport said. 

At OAK, the departure was delayed on 22 flights. One scheduled to take off from Oakland was canceled. There were also 24 arriving flights at Oak that got delayed and 2 that got canceled. 

The airport also told KTVU that eight Southwest flights were diverted to land at Oakland. Southwest has not yet responded to KTVU's inquiries for more information. 

San Jose Mineta airport reported no weather-related delays.