Former Windsor mayor will not be prosecuted for sexual assault allegations

The former mayor of Windsor is no longer facing multiple counts of sexual misconduct and assault that drove him out of office, damaged the family wine business and dogged him for three years. 

Three years ago, then-Mayor Dominic Foppoli became embroiled in multiple allegations of sexual assault and multiple civil lawsuits. 

Attorney General Rob Bonta's Office took over the case against Foppoli and released a statement saying, "At this time, we don't have enough evidence to warrant filing charges on the cases not barred by the statute of limitations. However, our investigation remains open, and we urge anyone who believes they may be a victim or who has evidence to come forward."

Despite a Sonoma County Sheriff's investigation and the Attorney General's own, without more evidence, there was no prosecution. 

KTVU reached out to two women caught up in these allegations.  One declined an interview and another did not return our call.  Additionally, more than a dozen people in Windsor were asked. However, nobody wanted to talk about it,

"Our investigators dedicate extensive time, effort, and resources to ensure a complete and thorough investigation before submitting a case for potential prosecution. We respect the Attorney General's decision in their independent investigation," said the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office in a statement.

"You know, honestly, it was a mix of relief and some anger. Obviously, I've been very clear, since the beginning, there was no truth to any of this and I'm just glad that we're finally able to move on, and we start to heal," said Foppoli from Italy. "The litigation never had anything to stand on from the beginning. They've kicked the can for close to two years now."

Several civil lawsuits remain.

"Some of them were people that I had genuine relationships in the past. I was young and drew from reflection and prayer realized that I wasn't a perfect partner. Did I ever do anything criminally wrong or anything inappropriate? No," said Foppoli. 

Foppoli says the "other" women were looking for a big payday.

And, having won office three times, Foppili says his political enemies helped create huge political pressure to charge him. 

"I've had people come up and hug me and start crying and tell me they miss me and how terrible they felt about the situation," said Foppoli.

 "He was very clear about the situation with me. So, I know everything from the beginning. And I was lucky to be able to know him for the real person who he is and for the good person that he is, and I always believed in him from the first day," said Maura Sombinii, his fiancée. 

Watch the entire interview with the former mayor here.