Fremont police raise money for 78-year old contractor targeted by thieves for third time

First responders in Fremont are helping a 78-year-old carpenter get back on his feet after his tools were stolen for the third time.

The Fremont Police Association started a fundraiser to to help the man recover from his losses. The community has already shown an overwhelming display of generosity.

Danny Ray, carpenter and contractor, takes great joy in his work and shows no signs of slowing down. However, this weekend, thieves stopped him in his tracks.

"I just couldn't believe it. I immediately looked into where the truck had been broken into to see if there was anything left, and there was nothing left," said Ray.

All his tools, valued at $7,000, were stolen from his driveway. These tools are essential for his livelihood and his ability to support his wife, who is currently hospitalized due to a series of strokes.

"Being able to tend to her needs, make sure she gets the treatment she needs and so on. It's been extremely difficult. And then this came along and kind of added to the burden," explained Ray.


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This incident marked the third time his truck had been targeted, prompting the launch of an investigation by Fremont police. The responding officer empathized deeply with Ray's plight.

"It was just so demoralizing to see this gentleman who appeared to be a hardworking blue collar individual to be just completely defeated by this act this callous act of criminal behavior," said Officer Grant Goepp with the Fremont Police Association.

The police association decided to act. Initially, they sought spare tools from their own members, but it soon evolved into a full-blown fundraiser. Their goal is to raise $10,000 for Ray.

"It just kind of grew, grew a life of its own to try and help this guy and try to provide for him and do something to sort of take this burden away from him and his family," expressed Goepp.

Ray was shocked by the level of support he received.

"It's been a very humbling experience. I told the officer, I said, 'I'm speechless'," expressed Ray.

He is grateful for the contributions, as the funds will enable him to resume work—a passion he intends to pursue well into his 80s and beyond.

"I enjoy this too much. It's so creative," he shared.

The Fremont Police Association is still accepting donations on their website and plans to establish a charitable arm to facilitate similar acts of assistance in the future.