Fremont woman upset after man exposes himself a 2nd time

A mentally ill man caught on surveillance video exposing himself outside a woman's Fremont apartment returned a second time completely naked despite being contacted by police, charged with crimes and hit with a restraining order.

The victim, Shenai LaMar, told KTVU she sympathizes with the man's mental-health situation but is frustrated with the criminal justice system.

Video shows the 26-year-old man outside LaMar's home on the night of March 4. 

He repeatedly knocked on her door, waking LaMar up as well as her 12-year-old daughter.

"She's scared, she's like, 'Mom, who's that? Mom, who is that?" so I tell her, 'Go ahead and hide in my room,' " LaMar said.

LaMar was worried.

"I thought he was going to break in," she said.

But he didn't. Instead, "he starts to unzip his pants and then he starts fondling himself," LaMar said

LaMar grabbed a knife and called out to him through her Ring camera.

"Get away from my door! Get the F- away from my door!" she yelled.

He left. She called 911 to report the intruder whom she had never met.. And the next day, Fremont police gave her some shocking news.

"He lived right next door to me. Um, we share a wall," she said with a rueful laugh.

It turned out the suspect and LaMar were neighbors in an apartment complex on Fremont Boulevard near Thornton Avenue. He admitted to police that it was him on the video - and said he knew what he did wasn't right, court documents show.

LaMar got a temporary restraining order against him. He was formally charged by Alameda County prosecutors with indecent exposure and engaging in lewd conduct but was never physically arrested because the crimes are misdemeanors

And then, on the nigth of April 13, he came back.

"He shows up at my door, completely naked," LaMar said.

On the Ring video, he says, "I have my clothes off. I need mental help." He repeated that a couple times.

"He does need help."

LaMar said she's frustrated with the repeat visits despite taking all the precautions.

"It's just continuing and continuing and continuing and for how long? What are they waiting for him to do?"

She added, "I do have sympathy in that aspect, but I can't have sympathy for, you know, the crime that was committed, and I'm a mother first."

So LaMar decided to move out of the complex .