From a distance, young Minnesota girl befriends neighbor during COVID-19 outbreak

3-year-old Lorelei chats with her neighbor from a distance during the COVID-19 outbreak in Minnesota. (Danielle Ross)

As families across Minnesota stay home and maintain a social distance from others, one young girl made friends with her neighbor - all by communicating from her balcony.

Viewer Danielle Ross shared video of her 3-year-old daughter Lorelei chatting with her neighbor, a little boy who lives upstairs. The two communicated from a distance and through the window, discussing their favorite movies, restaurants and more.

"She is 3 and doesn’t understand why we can’t go to the zoo or the park. I just hope everyone stays safe at home so we can all get through this and eventually get back to a normal lives," Ross wrote.

Throughout the state, Minnesotans are finding ways to find the light during a dark time, whether it be through art projects, humor, donations or more.