Frontier Airlines unruly passenger caught on video freaking out

A passenger from a flight bound from Houston to Denver caused quite the scene in mid-air. 

While it's unclear exactly what happened, one passenger was seen crying and arguing with other passengers as well as the in-flight crew. 

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At one point in the video, you can see the unruly passenger climbing over multiple rows of seats in the cabin. 

The woman is even seen assaulting what appeared to be someone trying to help deescalate the situation after claiming she was 'kidnapped.'

Then another woman in the video, who wasn't part of the initial disturbance, starting screaming to other passengers and said the unruly passenger was 'possessed,' and that everyone on board needed to get a relationship to Jesus Christ and that 'all hell is about to break loose.'

That same woman then started to sing what sounded like Gospel music and the passenger started becoming unruly once again. 

Lastly, another passenger, who wasn't involved at all with anything, walks to the front of the plane, under what appears to be her own free will, and starts hugging and trying to control the unruly passenger while the Gospel music continues being sung. 

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The plane later made a landing in Dallas, so police could remove the woman. It's unclear if the woman was actually removed from the flight based on the video. 

It didn't appear that anyone was injured in the incident, but it definitely caused a lot of mixed emotions in the cabin.