Maxwell Frost, first Gen Z congressman from Florida, denied D.C. apartment over bad credit

Florida Congressman-elect Maxwell Frost – soon to be the youngest member of Congress and the first congressman from Gen-Z – said he cannot find an apartment in Washington D.C. due to bad credit from debt racked up during his election campaign, and until his congressional salary begins.

"Just applied to an apartment in DC where I told the guy that my credit was really bad. He said I'd be fine. Got denied, lost the apartment, and the application fee," Frost said Thursday in a Twitter thread.

"This ain't meant for people who don't already have money," he said.

Frost said he accumulated a lot of debt during his year-and-a-half campaign. He said he wasn't able to give himself a stipend until the end of the campaign, and did not make enough as an Uber driver to cover the costs.

"For that primary, I quit my full time job cause I knew that to win at 25-years-old, I’d need to be a full time candidate. 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. It’s not sustainable or right, but it’s what we had to do," he said.

In his tweet, Frost mentioned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who went through similar circumstances back in 2018 after winning her election to represent New York's 14th Congressional District.

"I have three months without a salary before I’m a member of Congress. So, how do I get an apartment? Those little things are very real," Ocasio-Cortez told The New York Times, according to that report. AOC has not publicly responded to Frost's tweet or circumstance.

Frost also acknowledged that he was "speaking from a point of privilege cause in 2 years time, my credit will be okay because of my new salary that starts next year," according to his tweet.

"We have to do better for the whole country."

Frost defeated Republican Calvin Wimbish in the 2022 election.