Generic store brands are just as good as brand name products, surveys say

Shoppers looking for ways to save a few bucks may wonder if going generic means compromising quality or taste.  

Several consumer and data firms say no. 

Companies, including Consumer Reports and the National Bureau of Economic Research, have conducted surveys in this area and found that purchasing generic, non-name brand products is just as good. And in some cases, they're better than name-brand products, particularly when shopping for key home staples.

Add in the savings, and you may want to rework your next shopping list. 

A Consumer Reports analysis of comparison pricing found that buying generic can cut 30 percent on supermarket spending.
The company's taste testers also sampled almost 60 store-brand foods and found more than half were just as tasty, or better as their name-brand rivals.

When considering buying generic, consumer groups said the best generic products to reach for are snacks, frozen foods, milk and juices, spices and baking products, over-the-counter pain relievers, water, and cleaning products.