Georgetown man charged with DWI after driving $385,000 Ferrari over a cliff in West Austin

“What happens when you try to make your limited production, 2015 $385,000 Ferrari fly?” That’s the question the Austin Fire Department asked on their Facebook page along with pictures of an unrecognizable crunched up car, their response “Nothing good.”

AFD said they responded to the single car crash early in the morning on January 13th just after 2am on Red Bud Trail heading toward Westlake Drive. According to court documents a witness told police the driver was going more than 100 mph when he lost control, drove off the road, crashing 50 feet into a ravine, totaling the Ferrari.

28-year-old James Allen of Georgetown reported to Austin Police he was the driver. There were two other passengers in the car made for only two people.

Detective Mike Jennings works for the DWI unit at APD, “They are lucky that we didn't have three people that were killed or injured more seriously than they were,” he said.

In the arrest affidavit it said Allen told officers he had only drank two beers that night. “Anybody that has ever talked to intoxicated people, they always remember two beers, it's always the first one they had and the last one they had, it's everything in between, a lot of times they often forget,” Det. Jennings said. Allen was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Det. Jennings said even just one drink can cause your blood alcohol level to rise and impair judgment, “It's not worth it, it's not worth it for the people, passengers with you and the property that's sustained damage. That was a decision that was made, nobody forced you and forced you to get behind the wheel and that kind of thing, you made that decision to get behind the wheel,” he said.