Giants Fan Fest brings fun, festive preseason mood to Oracle Park

It was an ‘open house’ of sorts for San Francisco Giants fans Saturday. ‘Fan Fest’ was held at Oracle Park at Second and King Streets in San Francisco, allowing folks to tour the stadium and get on the field, something not usually allowed. 

This was the fourth Fan Fest since the beginning of the year in Northern California. Sacramento, Napa and San Jose had smaller events, with players and staff in attendance. 

Fans of all ages were sporting their team gear. Fashionable orange and black jerseys, hats, and giant necklaces made of plastic gold were popular wardrobe options for the event. 

San Franciscans Trevor and Helen Dilling are season ticket holders and admittedly loyal fans. 

Sporting orange athletic shoes and tee-shirts, Helen said, "We have matching everything." Trevor nodded and said, "Because we’re nerds."  

Fans got to try their hand at pitching and catching. Lou Seal, the beloved mascot, tossed folded-up black tee-shirts to fans below, as a DJ played dance music as fans danced on the field.  

One treat for many fans was getting to spend time in the dugout, as former players and Giants' President Larry Baer were meeting with fans and signing baseballs in the stands.

"Today it all feels real. We're within a few weeks of opening day, thousands of people here having fun running on the field, in the dugout, places they can't be during the season," said Baer.

He’s excited about the upcoming season and schedule. 

He said, "We’ve got the Dodgers coming in early this year, and the Yankees in June. It's exciting." 

Ticket deals are being offered. A membership in "The 415" offers ten vouchers for Giants games throughout the season for just under $200. It also includes a discount on merchandise bought at the stadium stores. 

This is a big anniversary of San Francisco’s baseball stadium that sits adjacent to the bay. 

Baer said, "It’s hard to believe but, this is the 25th year of the stadium. But we're rebooting, refreshing everything, so it’s super exciting.

As for food, if you want pizza or hot dogs, better bring a lot of dough. New food items will be rolled out later this month, but a large pizza runs $64.50 with individual slices running upwards of $10 each.

But Saturday's fans were mostly hungry for hometown pride. 

Noah from Richmond was wearing a Hawaiian shirt he got with admission from a game last year. He was with friends enjoying the Fan Fest and shared why he was enjoying the event. 

"It’s really just the crowd and the environment. I’m just happy to be here, and I’m proud to be a Giants fan," he said.

The Giants' home opener is scheduled for Friday, April 5. The San Francisco Giants will be hosting the San Diego Padres. 

Alice Wertz is a freelance reporter for KTVU Fox 2 News. She can be reached at