Golden Gate Bridge toll increase coming July 1

The Golden Gate Bridge toll will increase slightly on July 1 to continue funding the bridge's maintenance and Bay Area transit services.

The toll will go up by $0.20 or $0.35 for most drivers, with the rate change depending on drivers' payment method.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly decreased both Bridge traffic and transit ridership. Bridge traffic is 20% below pre-pandemic levels, while bus ridership is 60% below and ferry ridership is 64% below.

The revenue from the toll increase will contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as continue the transit service of Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry. About 50% of the Bridge toll revenue subsidizes ferry and bus transit operations.

The FasTrak Account rate will increase $0.35 from $8.05 to $8.40.

The Pay-As-You-Go rate (which includes License Plate Accounts and One-Time Payments) will increase $0.20 from $8.60 to $8.80.

The Toll Invoice rate will increase $0.35 from $9.05 to $9.40.

The carpool rate will increase $0.35 from $6.05 to $6.40.

Multi-axle vehicle toll rates will also increase.

This toll rise comes as part of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District five-year toll and transit fair programs, which was established in 2019 to fund operations and maintenance.