Good Samaritan killed in overnight Peninsula crash

A young man in his 20s or 30s was killed in a crash on southbound Highway 101 in San Mateo early Friday morning when he got out of his car to help the driver of another crash, the California Highway Patrol said. 

He had been driving his BMW about 2:30 a.m. when he noticed that a driver of a Toyota Scion had hit the center divide in the southbound lanes of the highway near 3rd Avenue, the CHP said. The young man turned on his lights to help with visibility and got out of the car when he was struck by another car. He was pronounced dead on scene. 

”It’s very tragic anytime somebody does got out of their way to do something and puts themselves in peril," CHP Sgt. Kurtis Waldschmidt said. "That’s why we always recommend to move off to right hand shoulder." 

The Scion driver was taken to Stanford Medical Center with major injuries, the CHP said.

A Sig-Alert was issued for the crash, and all five southbound lanes were closed for several hours.