Green Bay police chief dons 49ers' jersey to make good on friendly wager

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith made good on his promise to wear a San Francisco 49ers' jersey if the 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs Sunday.

In a Twitter post Monday at 12:53 p.m., Smith, who was San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott's partner when they worked at the Los Angeles Police Department, can be seen donning the jersey. 

The pair made a friendly wager Thursday saying they would wear the other team's jersey if their team lost the game. The loser said he would post of photo of himself in the jersey on social media. 

The 49ers won the game by a score of 37-20. Each chief also pledged to donate $50 to the other's police foundation if his team lost the game. 

The 49ers will play the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.