Green fireball streaks across night sky in Australia

Sky-gazers in Western Australia captured the beauty of a green fireball burning across the night sky over the weekend.

A green fireball — identified as a possible meteor — was seen lighting up the dark sky in Western Australia’s remote Pibara region on June 14.

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The video was captured and posted to Facebook by Benn Atkinson.

The video shows the cosmic spectacle moving across the sky with an intense green glow.

The video was taken from the vantage point of the BHP Redmont Rail Camp.

A post by the American Meteor Society (AMS) identified that a Beta Equulid meteor shower was due to occur between June 7 and June 30, with maximum activity on June 14.

According to AMS, fireballs are extremely rare, and the majority of fireballs are only visible for a few seconds.

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Storyful contributed to this report.