Gunman opens fire in robbery attempt in Oakland's Redwood Heights

The surveillance video is chilling.

A gunman opens fire at point-blank range in Oakland's Redwood Heights neighborhood during a robbery attempt. 

It happened at about 8 p.m. Wednesday on Rettig Avenue near Wisconsin Street and Peralta Creek Park, an area popular with joggers and dog walkers.

The video shows a man in an orange top walking down the hill and approaching a Honda Odyssey beginning to make a three-point turn in a driveway.

The driver gets out and demands the man's wallet, but the victim repeatedly tells him he doesn't have one and backs away. 

And then, without warning, the man points a gun at the victim's head and fires once, narrowly missing him. It's unclear if the gunman intended to shoot the victim or simply scare him.

The gunman gets back into the minivan and drives off. 

And that's when the victim yells out, "You're dead! You're dead" and then runs after the minivan, possibly in hopes of getting the license plate. 

Oakland police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

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