Haunted house is one of the most popular Halloween attractions in San Jose

A haunted house in San Jose is a huge hit with hundreds of people showing up there throughout Halloween night.  

"A lot of people they jump at you, it’s really crazy. It’s scary, it’s insane," said Mylie, of San Jose. 

Hundreds of people lined up to be spooked at the Ghoulish Goods Factory haunted house.  

"I’m looking forward to being scared! Last year I closed my eyes the whole entire time. This year I’m going to open my eyes," said Tiana, of San Jose.     

Bob Schiro started the haunted house in 2000 at a local school then moved it here on Church Drive in 2009. He founded the Boo Crew to host the free event every year and says the community supports it.  

"We start August 1st. It takes about a three-month journey. It nickels and dimes me a little bit, but people are gracious enough to fund us for merchandise and materials," Schiro said.   

During the event, the Boo Crew is also holding a toy drive, getting ready for the Christmas holiday.  After 23 years of this Halloween extravaganza, neighbors say it’s become one of the most popular attractions in the South Bay.   

"We just heard on Google that this was the biggest best haunted house and free in San Jose. I’ve lived down the street for 14 years and I didn’t even know this existed. So, we parked a block away, walked up. We’ve been in line for an hour and 20 minutes," said Cliff, of San Jose.    

The Boo Crew says they’ll be open Wednesday night as well. They call it October 32nd, and they have two shifts: 4-6pm for toddlers and small children and everyone else at 6 p.m.  


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