Having Trouble Receiving KTVU FOX 2?

Work is currently being done at Sutro tower, where KTVU’s transmitter is located and we are required to operate on our back-up transmitter and antenna until March 9, 2020. On that date, the reception will return to normal and all Over-The-Air Viewers will need to rescan their TVs. Unfortunately, the back-up transmitter operates at a slightly lower power and can affect signal levels. All TV stations on Sutro Tower are required to do this. 

Rescan your TV for all channels using the directions below. A number of viewers have been able to recover our signal by trying this: 

  • First, remove the coaxial cable from your antenna that is connected to your digital TV set. 
  • After removing it, scan for channels by selecting "auto-tuning," "auto scan" or "EZ scan" using the TV menu. 
  • Once the scan without the antenna is complete, turn off and then unplug the power to your digital TV set for a minute or two. 
  • This performs a "reboot" of your converter box/digital TV set that will help clear any former channels from the system's memory. 
  • Once that scan is complete, reinsert the cable from your antenna back into the digital TV set input. 
  • Then use the TV menu again to scan for channels. 

When this second scan is complete, you may get more channels than you previously received.