Hayward apartment roof repair during storm leads to flooding

Residents of a Hayward apartment complex are upset after a roof repair during recent storms led to flooding and damage in their units.

"I'm upstairs on the third floor, and I'm stuck," said Kym Drewes, who has end-stage kidney failure and uses a wheelchair. Her building is now a soggy mess. An ill-timed roof repair during the recent storms has flooded many units. Drewes is worried that she'll be stranded.

"Earlier today, the elevator went out, so because of that there's no way for me to get downstairs. I don't walk," she said.

Her husband Randall Drewes showed KTVU the extent of the damage inside the complex on Garin Avenue near Mission Boulevard. 

"The rain is coming through the roof and flooding down into a lot of apartments," he said. "Some of the sheet rock is falling in, water is on the side like a waterfall."

There's water dripping from light fixtures and oozing from the ceiling.

Buckets, bins and pots and pans being used to collect water.

Workers from a restoration company were busy cleaning up.

Randall Drewes says tenants have been encouraged to go to shelters or hotels and keep receipts.

But he said, "I don't have the money to go to a hotel or to put my stuff in storage. Fortunately, mine is dry, but the roof is falling in on other apartments 

Luckily, their unit is dry. Others are most certainly not. 

"There's holes in the ceiling right now, there's holes above you, and there's water all over the floor," said Calveena Roche, another tenant who has a medical condition that makes it dangerous if she gets sick.

"So being in the cold, I can get a lot of infections really fast, so this is not good for me right now, so I have to be out of here," Roche said.

Tenants are upset at the roofers and management. 

Kym Drewes had these thoughts for Mother Nature.

"I love her to death, OK?" she said with a laugh "But she's angry right now," she said.